LGcomms hold regular virtual seminars on topics of relevance for our members. When in person events can return safely, we hold them in different regions of the country.

Membership (£250+VAT per year, per organisation) gives you access to all our seminars for free. For non-members, LGcomms seminars cost £100 per person, per seminar.

LGcomms is CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accredited through its partnership with the PRCA, meaning anyone who attends workshops, events and the Public Service Communications Academy, will gain points helping them to reach their yearly target of personal development. LGcomms members are also able to attend a range of PRCA events for free or at a discounted price.

Looking for information on previous webinars? Find them on our past events page.

The 2021 seminar programme includes:

SeminarSeminar description
Wellbeing in comms
Monday 18 October 2021

Wellbeing has never been further up the agenda for comms professionals as it is now. And rightly so. Join our panel discussion to hear open and frank perspectives on the impact of work on our mental health and wellbeing. There will be tips and exercises too, to join remotely, that will help with your own wellbeing.
Living with COVID-19 and preparing for the challenges of winter
Tuesday 19 October 2021
As the vaccination programme is rolled out to cover 12 to 15-year-olds and booster jabs, this joint LGcomms/LGA webinar, will include presentations from central government and local authorities on their plans to protect communities over the winter months. The event is free to all and funded by the UK Government.
Public Service Communications Academy 2021
23-24 November 2021
The annual Public Service Communications Academy (or Academy) is back! This year’s theme is Partnerships, Performance and People – three essential elements for effective communications that we all need to develop and look after. 
Greening the future – how councils are reducing their carbon footprints and creating an environmentally better future
The green dividend from the pandemic presents some real behaviour change challenges – find out how councils are creating and communicating a greener, lower-carbon future.
The year of living digitally – lessons learned and shared from the virtual comms world
A masterclass featuring the best practice and learning from the year we recovered from Covid-19.
*information correct as of 17 September 2021

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