Past events

16 June 2022: Campaign Planning and Evaluation Masterclass

A session on campaign planning, featuring practical theory, the importance of creativity, and a spotlight on evaluation, from some of the industry’s leading experts.

Hear from public sector colleagues about four very different but equally effective campaigns, showing how theory, planning, creativity and evaluation come together to give you the results you’re looking for.

Download event presentations below:

17 May 2022: Building trust and engagement post-pandemic – a note through your door

This LGcomms partner event was hosted by Marketreach by Royal Mail, and presented the findings of a new report about trust in local government.

You can listen back to this event using the access passcode: z6=*B!HX.

Download the event presentation.

23-24 November 2021: Public Service Communications Academy

The 2021 Public Service Communications Academy (or Academy) took place on 23-24 November under the theme Partnerships, Performance and People. Just like previous years, the event also hosted the Public Service Communications Awards ceremony.

17 November 2021: Climate change communications: what’s next for local authorities? (joint LGcomms/LGA webinar)

Decarbonisation must happen in every community and household. and local authorities are already invested in the changes that need to be made. In many areas, they are leading the way having declared ‘climate emergencies’ years ago.
This joint LGcomms/LGA webinar, funded by UK government, explored different approaches that local authorities are using to address climate change challenges.

You can download the presentations from this event on the LGA’s website.

19 October 2021: Living with COVID-19 and preparing for the challenges of winter (joint LGcomms/LGA webinar) 

As the vaccination programme is rolled out to cover 12 to 15-year-olds and booster jabs, this webinar featured presentations from central government and local authorities on their plans to protect communities over the winter months.

You can download the presentations from this event on the LGA’s website.

18 October 2021: Wellbeing in comms

Wellbeing has never been further up the agenda for comms professionals as it is now. This webinar featured a panel discussion with open and frank perspectives on the impact of work on our mental health and wellbeing. Participants were also able to join a mini-wellbeing session with Fresh Air Fridays, find out more about their Breathing Space sessions on their website.

21 September 2021: COVID-19 communications: Planning for post-pandemic recovery (joint LGcomms/LGA webinar) 

At this webinar, council communicators shared good practice and campaigns related to post-pandemic recovery.

You can download the presentations from this event on the LGA’s website.

27 July 2021: Direct mail in the pandemic and in the future

The pandemic changed the way local authorities needed to engage with their citizens, making direct mail an important tool in order to speak to every household with credibility and authority. This webinar featured speakers from Royal Mail, Surrey County Council and Essex County Council which shared valuable data and insight into using mail or door drop during the pandemic.

You can view the recording and transcript of this webinar within the resources section of the website.

20 July 2021: Building a compelling narrative for your council and why it matters (joint LGcomms/LGA webinar) 

At this webinar we heard from councils and strategic communicators who have successfully developed narratives – how they did it and why it’s important. You can download the presentations from this event on the LGA’s website.

29 June 2021: Comms in a world of constant Covid

2021 has seen a continuation of the huge demands of Covid-19 plus the return of most of the ‘business as usual’ activities. For many councils, add in the elections of May 2021 and the ambitions of a new administration and the challenges can be huge. This webinar looked at how to manage the workload, support our teams’ wellbeing and build on the new influence that communications has at the top table. Colleagues from Staffordshire County Council, Telford and Wrekin Council and Derbyshire County Council shared their experiences and tips for thriving in the new world.

17 June 2021: Communicating easing of restrictions

As we continue through the national roadmap out of lockdown, council communications and engagement will be key to ensuring that residents stay alert to the ongoing risks of the virus and that any ongoing or additional restrictions are adhered to. In this Government funded webinar, we heard from councils who have been planning for the future and working on new ways to successfully communicate with residents.

8 June 2021: Working with new members

At this webinar we heard from some of the most experienced communicators in local government on how to work effectively with a new political administration post-election, and to explore the issues, challenges and opportunities that a change in leadership can bring.   

20 May 2021: Engaging with young people (joint LGcomms/LGA webinar) 

In this Government funded webinar we explored how council communications teams can work to increase vaccine uptake amongst our younger residents. We heard from Luton Borough Council about the work they are doing with young people, as well as the Department of Health and Social Care. 

29 April 2021: Reviving the local economy – supporting the recovery in your high streets 

Powering economic growth post-pandemic is a ket challenge for every council. From Freeports to freehouses, at this webinar we learned how councils are leading the way in helping local economies to thrive.

28 April 2021: Surge testing and local outbreaks (joint LGcomms/LGA webinar)

This webinar looked at the lessons learned from previous local outbreaks of COVID-19 and experience of rapidly deploying surge testing. Surrey County Council and Manchester City Council will share their approaches and learnings, alongside colleagues in central government. 

11 March 2021: Vaccine communications, tackling hesitancy and misinformation (joint LGcomms/LGA webinar)

This webinar featured speakers from local and central government, and looked at how councils and public sector partners can increase uptake of the vaccine by working to understand and tackle vaccine hesitancy and counter misinformation. The presentations are available on the LGA website.