Diversity and inclusion

Mission statement

Creating an inclusive future for public sector communications. Representing, valuing and celebrating diverse backgrounds and experiences.


We are a member organisation formed of communications professionals from across the country.

In our local government and public sector communications roles, we serve all residents, covering a diverse range of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, religion, age, physical ability and mental health.

This diversity is not always represented at the highest levels of our organisation and at all levels in our local workforces.

We need to seek out and champion those whose voices are not as prominent as they should be in our organisation, our workplaces and our society.

Our ability to engage with all of our communities is enhanced if we reflect and genuinely connect with them.

As members of LGcomms we are committed to bringing positive change to tackle inequality, take practical action towards positive change and foster respect for all.  


  • Seek balance and representation in our speakers at events and seminars
  • Continue to place diversity and inclusion as a key session at the annual Academy event, promoting attendance of this session to all
  • Work to increase representation on the LGcomms Executive Committee
  • Survey the wider membership about how best to promote equality and fairness. Listen to those who can be overlooked in other forums and act on the findings.
  • Review the application process for the Future Leaders programme to build on the inclusive measures already in place
  • Take a proactive stance in challenging negative behaviours and celebrating success


In order to develop actions to ensure an inclusive future for public sector communications, we are building an understanding of the inequalities that exist in our profession. 

With this knowledge, and working with under-represented groups and comms leaders, we can put in place resources and initiatives to reduce and ultimately eliminate discrimination, improving equality of opportunity and celebrating diversity in our profession. 

This commitment applies to LGcomms itself, through its executive committee, membership, Future Leaders programme, Academy, webinars/seminars, digital content etc.  It also applies to LGcomms’ role in shaping the future of our profession.