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LGcomms exists to develop and strengthen our profession, both in the skills of practitioners as well as the critical role that well thought-through and planned communications plays in public service.

We aspire to be both the voice of local government communicators and a powerful support network through our professional development programme and our wider policy work and relationships with key organisations such as LGA, Solace, Government Communications Service, APComm, CIPR, Firepro and PRCA.

We are offering people the chance to play a significant role in the organisation and in the development of local government communications.

We are offering members the opportunity to put themselves forward, in a voluntary capacity, to join the Executive. There is also the opportunity for members who have been actively involved in LGComms to nominate themselves for the role of Chair, Vice-Chair, National Secretary and Treasurer.

After four years as Chair, I am standing down in April. We are therefore looking for people to come forward with new ideas and new energy at a critical time for our profession.

The benefits for individuals are numerous. You will be helping to shape the future direction of local government communications and the conditions around us. The work will contribute significantly to your own professional development as well as the people that we support.

All member councils are invited to nominate one person to apply to either join the Exec or put themselves forward for a key position.

This is how the process works:

  • The nomination period for candidates opens today and will close on midnight Friday February 14th.
  • There will be a shortlisting process for key positions on the Executive.
  • Where there is a contest for key positions, candidates will be asked to set out their case to our entire membership with each member council having a vote. This will take place at the end of March and the process will be run by the PRCA.
  • Positions will be confirmed at our AGM on April 9th in Birmingham.

This is how to apply:

  • To apply to join the Exec all you need to do is tell in no more than 350 words why you would like to be considered and what you would bring.
  • For the role of Chair, Vice-Chair, National Secretary or Treasurer, tell us in no more than 350 words why you would like to be considered and what you would bring. Candidates also need to demonstrate their active involvement in LGcomms through Academy, our Future Leaders programme or our wider work programme. Those intending to stand will need to be nominated and seconded by a member of LGComms prior to 00.01 on Saturday 15th February 2020.

This is what to do:


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