Conference week – changing times

By Alix Macfralane, LGcomms National Secretary

This week LGcomms heads to the Steel City for our annual conference.

Public sector communicator from around the country will be gathering in Sheffield for two days of professional development and networking. We’ll hear from industry leaders and explore new upcoming trends.

There’s still time to join us virtually to see the action on the stage, even though the deadline to bag a ticket to be in the room has passed. Check out the programme to see what’s happening and book your virtual ticket online

This year’s conference theme is: Communicating in an era of constant change. It’s become almost a cliché to talk about living and working in constant change yet there is a reason it’s still a vital topic. The challenges are real. And to quote Mr Spock from Star Trek: “Change is the essential process of all existence.”

We know from experience that as we travel through changing times, and boldly going where we haven’t been before, that we are stronger when we stand together. Our issues are no longer siloed. Solutions are shared. We are bolstered by the benefits of learning and unity across our sector. And, for those two days of conference, we are well and truly not the only communications professional in the room!

We’ll be taking stock and maximising our potential as the world around us becomes increasingly unpredictable – elections loom, technology moves at a pace only seen before in sci-fi, and everyday can feel like a crisis comms scenario. Throughout our conference programme, we’re looking at the issues of the day, asking the tricky questions and learning from those who have gone before.

LGcomms Academy is prepared and delivered by a working group of members from the LGcomms executive committee. We’ve been meeting regularly for many many months to plan to the event, develop the programme, scope out topics, and turn ideas from words in a meeting to a major event. Our Sheffield conference marks the first time we’ve held a two-day annual conference in person since before the pandemic and we have put much energy into bringing the event to life. You’ll see the Academy organisers throughout the event, introducing sessions, welcoming delegates and being around if you have any questions. Do stop and say hello, we’d love to connect.


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