End of year message from the Chair

Our profession continues to be called upon to help protect our communities from Covid-19. It’s been a humbling and sometimes exhausting experience to be part of the vital response through the changing stages of the pandemic.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve spent the entirety of 2021 living and working in pandemic conditions. At the start of this year, already more than nine months into the pandemic in the UK, we entered the third national lockdown. At the same time the vaccination programme began in earnest, bringing hope that we were heading towards recovery and giving us new positive messages to focus on sharing to maximum effect.  

It’s incredible to look back at what has been achieved by communications teams across the country during this year. As we saw at our recent Public Sector Communications Academy, we’re delivering quality communications at a fast pace and have been doing so for some considerable time now. And it’s not all about Covid. Climate change, adult social care, housing and equalities are among pressing issues vying for attention on the public sector agenda.

Academy provided timely reminders to look after ourselves as we manage these competing priorities. Primarily we all need to consider how to maintain our emotional and mental wellbeing, as well as looking out for those around us. In terms of longer term benefits, we heard from industry leaders how personal development and professional standards are key to improving confidence and skills. We all gain from seeking out learning and building our own abilities by nurturing others.

This month, as the rise of the omicron variant has yet again seen a push to share essential health messages as swiftly as possible, we have the chance to take stock and recognise the excellence in our profession. Importantly right now, wherever possible, we need to aim to share the load and make sure everyone takes a break at some point. Working together we can achieve great things as we support each other.

Wishing you all peace and happiness.

Alix Macfarlane, Chair of LGcomms


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