LGcomms and PRCA issue statement on critical key workers list

LGcomms and the PRCA have welcomed the government’s decision to recognise local government employees as key workers. The move allows thousands of communications professionals to continue receiving childcare through schools and nurseries, while society adapts to the measures to curve the COVID-19 outbreak.

Francis Ingham MPRCA , PRCA Director-General said: “Local government professionals have a pivotal role to play in ensuring our society overcomes the challenges posed by the COVID-19 outbreak. Their communication keeps the public informed and has the potential to inspire changes in behaviour that will protect public health. I’m pleased the government’s list of keyworkers recognises their vital contribution to society.”

Simon Jones MPRCA , LGcomms Chairman said: “Public sector communications colleagues around the country are part of the unprecedented response needed during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are dedicated to helping our communities understand the impact on council services and find out about vital support available for residents. Swift and clear communication is essential to the effective delivery of local response.

“The role of local government officers is recognised in the critical keyworkers list issued today. Communications colleagues meet the criteria and can register to take up the opportunity for ongoing childcare in school if that is what suits their individual needs.”


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