Six new members join the LGcomms family

Welcome to six new member authorities joining the LGcomms family, all from Northamptonshire.  Of the seven district or borough councils in the county, plus the county council, until now we’ve only had two LGComms members out of eight. 

All eight authorities have been working increasingly closely together though in the run up to Local Government Reorganisation next year, even before the bonding experience of the Coronavirus. 

Colleagues in Corby, Wellingborough, East Northants, Kettering, Daventry and Northamptonshire County Council have now joined up alongside existing members South Northants and Northampton Borough. 

New LGcomms committee member Peter Holt, from South Northants Council, who brokered the deal, said: “This was maybe the easiest sales job ever – LGcomms’ reputation spoke for itself.”

Louise Spolton, Communications Manager from East Northants Council, added: “We’re excited to join the family. There are many benefits to this membership and the learning and networking opportunities are, for us, the most important.  

“You never stop learning in this trade so the easy-to-access training and current PR thinking are invaluable to our Continued Professional Development. It’s also about putting back into the industry and sharing our experiences and knowledge with a vast network of professionals from a range of backgrounds and disciplines.”

Why not have a chat with your neighbouring authorities and see if they are already members?  If not, there’s nothing like a personal invitation to join, so we can keep growing our membership, and speak for an increasing majority of the profession.

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