LGcomms response to changes in coronavirus restrictions

The fast-paced and changing nature of responding to a pandemic has emphasised the vital role our communications teams play in local government.

As we move into the next phase of the crisis, we’re facing a new challenge of navigating how to share key messaging as the government goes about lifting restrictions.

While the main advice continues to be to stay at home as much as possible to minimise the risk of spreading the virus, the range of changes now being shared are not as easy to define. The announcements are being reacted to differently across the UK and further reassurance is being called for.

Every region, city and town will benefit from further guidance on how to safely adjust to essential physical distancing while following the new less restrictive rules. As is shown from the questions in the House of Commons today, there are many questions still to be answered swiftly in the days ahead.

We are carefully reviewing the government’s recovery strategy and will be working with partners to seek clarity where needed.


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