Blog: Why you should consider targeted TV

You could say that we are in a golden era for TV.

Broadcasters are spending billions on producing world class content which is suitable for the big screen and continues to engage audiences daily; TV technology is evolving faster and advertising on TV has never been more accessible.

With £3,000 now being the starting price for a TV campaign on one of the UK’s best-known broadcasters, businesses of all sizes are now able to take advantage of the opportunity.

And for LG Comms members TV advertising could now be even more appealing with our offer to cover production costs!

Why councils look at TV marketing

TV remains a powerful advertising platform to reach audiences. It is still the most consumed medium by all adults in the UK, accounting for nearly 38 per cent of the average consumer’s media day. As a nation we’re watching 3.30 hours a day on average and TV continues to be the most effective and trusted advertising platform there is.

This popularity translates into effectiveness. An independent study by Ebiquity and Gain Theory found that TV consistently outperforms other media and is typically over twice as effective as the next best performing marketing medium.

How councils are using TV

Addressable TV is the revolutionary approach to TV advertising which means councils of all sizes can benefit.

Addressable advertising offers councils a level of control they have never had before. With AdSmart from Sky, different ads can be shown to different households watching the same program. This means councils can now advertise on some of the nation’s favourite channels and reach the precise audience they want, within their council borders.

Households can be targeted based on factors like age, location and affluence radically reducing the cost and wastage, making TV advertising more appealing for any council.

Hampshire and Hertfordshire have both benefitted from including this medium in their Fostering campaigns. We will be sharing more on this is a webinar in January!

Can I show if my investment in TV is working?

Every council wants to know what the risk and reward is of any activity and we have robust tools in place to help you demonstrate the return on investment. You will get weekly reports showing the delivery and performance of campaigns.

And if you are driving registrations, for example with a fostering campaign, you are able to upload your registration data at the end of the campaign and our system will automatically cross match those details, telling you how many of those people have seen your TV ad. This allows you to directly attribute back the effect your tv investment has had.

There is no longer a creative barrier to good TV advertising

The creative industry is bursting with new and dynamic production companies which brings the cost of production down to as little as £500 in some cases.

Councils can also take advantage of a number of pre-produced TV adverts around issues like fostering and social care recruitment that can be re-edited with a relevant local voice, allowing them to save on production costs.

And remember: the use of a finished TV advert is unlimited and by adding it to your website and social media platforms it really is a long-term investment.

Kurt Edwards is regional manager at AdSmart from Sky

AdSmart from Sky is an LGcomms Partner, and are currently offering LGcomms members a free, localised version of a fostering advert when they sign up for a new fostering campaign. More information is available at using the password adsmartfostering


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