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Membership offer: e-shot’s email healthcheck

This is an offer from LGcomms partner e-shot.

For more than 20 years our team of email experts have been helping our clients optimise their email campaigns and now we want to help you, with our exclusive offer to LGcomms partners.

What is on offer?

Our experienced team will review your latest campaign to identify any potential issues and offer best practice advice to help you optimise your communications and increase resident and stakeholder engagement.

We will check all aspects of your email from technical deliverability considerations through to design and accessibility. We even check the email rendering across the most prevalent email clients, including mobile and dark mode presentations.

Your personalised report is split into three parts:

  • Security: We will assess that your infrastructure is compliant with deliverability advancements by testing MTA toxicity, data sovereignty, forward/reverse DNS validation and ensure your authentication records are correct and in line with the latest NCSC guidance.  We are techies, and we’re proud of it. But don’t worry if you don’t speak binary, we will ensure that our results are clear and jargon free and recommend any actions you need to consider.
  • User experience: We will check that your email renders properly across more than 40 email clients, including both desktop and mobile variants. We will even check dark mode presentations. We will also review the accessibility of your campaign and offer both technical and design oriented best practice suggestions to help you build and optimise the experience for all your residents.
  • Data protection: Whilst your information governance team will have been working hard to ensure that your data is professionally managed, we can offer best practice advice on data collection, preference management and double check that all your emails and digital data collection touch points (newsletter sign ups etc) have the appropriate legal information and disclaimers.

Get advice from the email experts

Sound interesting? Learn more about our email healthcheck for local authorities or register your interest by emailing us at

“Email is an essential communication channel. We’ve seen increased email engagement throughout the pandemic, and this looks set to be a trend that is here to stay. Having a specialist like e-shot share their wealth of experience adds expert knowledge that can help us keep ahead in the ways we serve our residents and raise the standards in our sector.”

Alix Mcfarlane, LGcomms chair 2020-2022

Recording now available to download

Email offers a uniquely versatile channel for public sector communicators to reach audiences at scale. 

On 15th July we held our first practitioner-focus webinar event and were delighted to welcome a host of LGComms members. In the webinar we shared our favourite high-impact, low-complexity best practice advice on improving engagement, influencing behaviour and prompting action.

Feedback on the event was really positive including:

“I thought it was great – really clear, energetic, half an hour with a strong focus on simple things to help improve results”

“It was interesting and engaging. I found all the content to be relevant and applicable to my work.”

For those members that did not get the opportunity to attend, we are going to make it possible for you to view the webinar recording. The recording is not publicly available and will only be shared with LGComms members via this dedicated page.


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