JICMAIL Discovery Tool: putting mail alongside other major media

JICMAIL Discovery Tool is a unique ‘gold standard’ (a cross-industry developed and accepted standard) research and data resource, its database holds over 120,000 pieces of mail and door drops. Each piece of mail has been logged and then tracked by a panel of consumers over a 28 day period.

They tell us who they share it with, what they do with it physically (opened, put aside, read and filed) and what other non-physical interactions they record such as going to the sender’s web site, visiting their office or posting a reply to the sender.

It provides new audience and channel insights for LGcomms members within the GCS OASIS campaign planning framework. There are over 5,432 Government and Local Authority mail examples within the database which can be used to get more from your mail or door drop in some of the following ways:

  • Find out how different audience groups interact with mail by age, demographics or region
  • Understand what mail content drives different types of consumer behaviour
  • Benchmark your campaign performance against all other sectors
  • See how many times your mail is viewed and how many people will see it above just the person it was sent to
  • Use it to plan mail more efficiently and as part of a multi-media campaign using the Campaign Calculator

This Discovery Tool has been built exclusively for LGcomms members – all you need to do is log in for the first time using your email address and then you can access the tool whenever you like.


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