Boom…and just like that, Academy 2022 was done

This blog is mostly for the benefit of those virtual viewers who weren’t able to join us for the final wrap up session. Its in three brief parts – the past, present and the future, as per Dickens’ Christmas Carol. And how you can help us join those elements up – it’s really important that you do.


The (recent) Past

Thanks to everyone who took part in the engagement online through Academy supporters Hello Lamp Post. There were over 100 engagement throughout the day, and some great take-aways shared – here’s what you liked, loved and shared:

  • On the 4-day week trial at South Cambs DC – “NOT squeezing five days into four, crucial to do things differently”.
  • On Diversity and inclusion with Nana Crawford and Sagar Sharma – “I learned loads – the socio-economic reflections were fascinating”; “Asking questions on diversity/inclusion/representation within my organisation if we don’t know the answers.”
  • On learning from the Big Stuff with Lee Cain and Kimberley-Marie Sklinar – “Keep it simple, understand the audience, repeat until you are bored!”

Thanks to everyone who interacted.

The Present

You should have received a feedback form from the LGA, who superbly hosted our first in-person academy for three years. It is REALLY important you tell us what you thought of Wednesday’s event, so we can continue to try to get it right for you in the future. We based our model for this year’s event on what you told us you wanted after 2021. If it worked for you – or if it didn’t – we need to know. PLEASE let us know. It’s more important than ever, because…

The Future

We may be entering the most difficult period, in terms of finance, which public services have ever faced. We know that some communications team are already facing restrictions on spending and that others are already anticipating budget reductions in 2203.  LGcomms role, working for you and with you to provide the right support, training and representation is going to be critical. These will be key considerations as we prioritise our programme for seminars, webinars, commercial offers, Future Leaders and Academy for next year and beyond. So – again – let us know what you think. Tell us at

Lots to be getting on with then. Thanks again for supporting Academy in the way you did.

Andy Allsopp, Joint Chair, LGcomms


Recruitment, restructures, and (really) difficult situations…

New resource: e-shot and LGcomms library of email designs


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