Welcome to our new website!

Since the new year began, we’ve been working hard on building a new website to provide you with a better experience.

Some of the key differences you’ll notice and enjoy are:

  • the opportunities for members to comment on blog posts and news items;
  • a change in layouts to enable ease of reading;
  • a fully accessible website for those with different needs;
  • membership based on teams (your organisation) and a simple method to manage this system;
  • a simpler events booking system.

Over time we’ll be adding membership materials for you to enjoy and will of course maintain our membership discounts on our events and seminars.

Membership, registration and the next steps:

To access the new member materials, comment on posts and to be assigned to your teams, we would like to encourage you to register a username and a password with us.

Some of you have already been provided with an account, as you are marked on our records as your organisation’s administrator (you’ve most likely been in charge of membership renewals). In this instance you should only need to change your password for access. As the team lead, you’ll find in your account a code to give your colleagues access.

To enable us to match you with your team, your personal registration will be held for approval and matched accordingly. Once registered, please do leave us a comment about your experiences with the new website. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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