LGcomms statement: #BlackLivesMatter

We join our voices in the cry for an end to racism. George Floyd’s death was truly shocking and, sadly, not an isolated incident.

Recent events have highlighted widespread racism and how for many this is an everyday experience.

George Floyd’s death has brought issues of race into sharp focus for many previously untouched by racism.

It is time to for all to recognise racism for the evil it is and to act to make real change for good.

While we can and should stand together to use our voices to support change, we must do so much more to strive for equality.

This means taking practical action, to not only be antiracist in ourselves and in all we do, but to seek justice and fairness for our BAME colleagues, friends and residents.

We know our own organisation has a long way to go in terms of equal representation. We are committed to addressing that inequality, listening to our BAME colleagues and working with our public sector member organisations to make a positive contribution across the country. We aim to promote diversity and inclusion, and provide opportunity within our profession wherever we can.

At this time, we also recognise BAME people are disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Risk of death or serious illness from Covid-19 is higher for BAME people. This is a health inequality that must be addressed. In our role as public servants we will continue to support our communities during this turbulent time.

Across society and many different issues, we see racism and we stand against it – now and always.


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