Crisis – the new normal for public service communications?

It’s been another year of huge change and uncertainty. The impact of recent and ongoing crises on our industry is the focus of our annual conference later this month. We’ve been in crisis mode for so long that it’s beginning to look like business as usual. What does this mean for the way we deliver communications? How do we look after ourselves and the teams we are part of as the demand for our skills mounts? What does good like now and in the months or years ahead?

The annual LGcomms conference, CommsAcad2022, is back with an in person offer for the first time since before Covid. On Wednesday 30 November we are gathering from across the country for a day of development and networking. We’ll hear from industry leaders and explore new upcoming trends – check out the programme and the A-Z of speakers. After the centre stage presentations, practical sessions will take place with workshops on a wide range of topical subjects. In the early evening, a drinks reception will help keep us talking and networking after the main event.

And there’s a lot to talk about. Looking back to January and it can seem like a different world. We were still flat out responding to Covid-19 when the tragic events started unfolding in Ukraine in February. The summer heatwaves burned through the land and highlighted the climate crisis. Growing concerns around the rising cost of living added a new pressure, one that is increasing as we head towards the winter ahead.

Meanwhile, the major change in central government played out around the historic change of monarch. Together we can make a difference in these historic times. This year’s conference is about recognising good work done, learning from recent experiences, and preparing for the future.

For me, this is the third Academy I’ve organised since being elected chair at the start of 2020 and it’s the first time I will be able to welcome delegates to a main hall rather than presenting entirely via a screen. I’m very much looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new people. It’s fair to say the pandemic years have been stressful for us all. The shelving of in person events was a necessary measure at the height of Covid-19 and yet being unable to meet up added to a feeling of isolation that could creep in after long days of back-to-back virtual meetings. Through LGcomms, I’ve benefitted hugely from connections that proved invaluable in terms of professional support and genuine friendship through recent years. I hope that CommsAcad 2022 helps forge new links and strengthen existing bonds for all those attending. 

So do please join us for the whole day if you can, there’ll be plenty to do from 10am to the early evening drinks reception. (For those unable to come along in person, a virtual option of streaming access to the four plenary sessions between 10.00am to 2.45pm is available.)

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Alix Macfarlane, Joint Chair of LGcomms


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